Tuesday, August 25, 2009

True Blood, Episode 10: Sister Gertrude, Bride of Christ, Soundtracks a Visit to the Vampire Queen

Houston Press talk about Sister Gertrude

Episode 2.10, "New World in My View"

​One of the reasons Rocks Off began this column was to help bring to the limelight some of the lesser-known artists that Alan Ball has been known to feature on True Blood. That well's been a little dry the last two episodes, those being centered around comparatively mainstream artists like Lyle Lovett and Beck. Maybe it's because those episodes have been concerned with civilized soul-searching, mercy and regret. Now the episodes are focused on the town on Bon Temps as the setting for the mother of all mad bacchanals featuring attractions like meat altars, oral sex plus what we believe is cheese whiz, and human sacrifice. Fitting, then, that a religious wingnut should serenade us.

There once was a lady from Lafayette, Ala., named Gertrude Morgan. Born in 1900, she lived a fairly regular life until age 38, when God told her that she should take up being a street evangelist. Upon hearing the news, she left her husband and family, headed to New Orleans, and opened a couple of orphanages and missionaries. God continued to advise Morgan for the rest of her life.

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Rita said...

Very interesting i had no idea she
was here in Alabama,i really like
the song.Will have to look up where
Lafayette is from Gadsden.

Rita said...

Dallas! i looked to see where Lafay-
ette,Al.is it is almost to the state
line of Georgia,close to Columbus,Ga.
about 3/4 of the way down between
Gadsden and Montgomery our state capitol.Before she moved to La.

" Dallas " said...

I'm glad you are enjoying learning about Sister Gertrude did you watch the mini documentary i posted back in May

Rita said...

No i didn't sorry,don't remember what i had to do now will try to watch it today thanks.

Rita said...

Just watched and enjoyed the mini
documentary was very interesting.
God spoke and she went.