Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What are you ? Gooo Sookie !

Just posting this because it was SOOOO great!


Unknown said...

what eppie was that pic's from?

Rita said...

Well it would be from Ep.10

Anonymous said...

See now, I'm not on this train. At least not yet. In fact, it kinda bothered me. It's fine if they want to delve into her heritage at some point, but I'm not too crazy about Sookie turning into some kind of superhero.

We'll see how Alan Ball and company pull it off. But for now, I find this development to be dubious at best.

JerseyJennyW said...

Did these magic hands come to mind for anyone else as well??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VtTnKD3D-M

Cause I was totally thrown off by those glowing hands of Sookie's the other night.

Andy said...

I am not loving the super-Sookie a whole lot. But maybe it's just because I wasn't expecting it. I'll have to wait and see...

As for the screen caps you posted: it almost looks like the hand gesture Lafayette uses to sush away the young college girl looking for V-Juice. "outta my face!" ROTFL

TeamEricSookie said...

I was expecting Sooks and Maryann to start fighting like Sho'nuff and Leroy ala "The Last Dragon".




Emily said...

Yes, this was bizarre to me. I am wary to see where Alan Ball is going with this...

Anonymous said...

Spoiler THink the world Frenzy, hummm

The Women of Amphissa:

The festival known to modern scholars as the Oreibasia (whose name means "mountain running") took place during the winter months at Delphi. Official delegations from many cities including Athens came to this festival. Plutarch describes the rescue of a group of Thyiads who unwittingly wandered into the city of Amphissa in Phocis during a time of war, and exhausted by their frenzy, fell asleep in the marketplace. The women of Amphissa, fearing that harm would come to them, stood watch silently around them until they revived and could be given a hot dinner and safe conduct to the borders.

Anonymous said...

Can you say 'fae'?

Sylvia said...

I'm not totally on board with this either.
I do want them to explore Sookie's heritage and all but I thought this was a strange way to introduce it. Awesome, but also strange.

" Dallas " said...

PLEASE PLEASE sign in or sign your posts -it's ridiculous to talk to anonymous.

Anony#1 well Sookie is not a human she is part supe in the books and in TB so it's going to come out ..I think this will be great

we see that part supe in Sookie and Jason already in them not being controlled by MaryAnne - now why Andy isn't I just don't know

Thanks anony #2 for the Frenzy info


Ruth said...

perhaps it has something to do with her great-grandfather, Niall Brigant being a fairy :D

still though...in this one case I wish they stuck closer to the books so we could see Eric in that ridiculous pink lycra outfit.

oh well, i'll just laugh myself to tears thinking of poor Alexander Skarsgard shoved into that outfit.

Louisianagirl29 said...

I thought it was awesome. I screamed "FAIRY POWER" at the TV. Great episode. My only complaint is that it was 45min. WTF HBO? Oh, and not enough Eric!

Meredith said...

But in the books, Sookie IS human... and that's part of her character's charm. True, she does have a little something extra going on-- but not enough to be able to put on a crazy lightshow with her hands. (I dare say we wouldn't identify so closely with her as readers if she could.)

I'm by no means a book purist. In fact, I whole-heartedly approve of a LOT of the show's changes. But I say leave the fairy magic to Niall or Claudine. To me, 'True Blood' may have jumped the shark with this one. I don't know... we'll just have to see.

Meredith said...

But I should also add that they can make Sookie grow another head, and I'll keep watching... as long as we get more of those sexy Eric dreams. ;)

" Dallas " said...

But Meredith she IS NOT HUMAN in the books she is fae and everyone after ATD knows that she is part fae.

Her father was 1/2 fae she is 1/4

Rita said...

I am glad that maybe fae is coming.
And the show being 45 min. My son
said that the Sopranos some of the Ep. short like that to.And if you are watching regular tv, commercials
in it you get about the same time
more or less.He is a computer nut
as some call them.

Rita said...

Dallas! go back and read again Sookie's Granddad was 1/2 her dad
was 1/4 and Sookie is 1/8.

Meredith said...

I do see where you're coming from, Dallas. But as you correctly point out, she's still more human than she is supernatural (though, according to the books she's actually 1/8 fairy, since her grandfather Fintan was half-human).

This is really just me nitpicking on canon, to be honest. As is the case with other supes, I would expect that any "fairy powers" would have been diluted to the point of practical non-existence. (Though it stands to reason that she would still have a special appeal to vampires because of it.)

I'm totally down with True Blood introducing the story line-- I hope we get to see Claude, Claudine and Niall!-- but the extra fancy powers just seem like overkill to me.

Maybe I'll change my mind, though! Hey, they threw in a vampire haircut and highlight this season... and I'll will be the first to say how nicely THAT turned out. ;)

" Dallas " said...

Yes thanks Rita it's 1/8 Rita the genealogy is here


" Dallas " said...

Hhaha - Yes, Meredith

We really don't know what Ball will do with here "otherness" Charlaine hasn't done that much..

I don't know how diluted it is ...she just isn't 100 % human and she sure tastes different.

Rita said...

Sorry i have been watching the Ep.
again just as i finished typing
my son put the show on the pc.for me.
I don't do alot of genealogy my brain
is not that smart,love ya'll.

Allison said...

Dallas - I think you need to quite being so defensive, it’s childish. I know its your website but come on we all have opinions and you can not take it personally if we don;t all like what you like.

Meredith – I agree Sookie is more human and only part fae, if she were all fae she would be immortal wouldn’t she? And isn’t that the last thing (book) sookie wants.

" Dallas " said...

i have no idea what you are talking -- about what am I being defensive and taking things too personally ??

I sure don't care to be called childish-- so you will need to explain.