Tuesday, June 8, 2010

10 Things To Know About Lindsay " Crystal" Pulsipher, A New “True Blood” Love Interest

True Blood” transformed a crop of relatively unknown actors into mega-watt stars during the first season. Lindsay Pulsipher is probably hoping to have the same career luck when she takes on the character of Crystal Norris, Jason Stackhouse’s latest love interest. Jason’s girlfriends have a habit of meeting gruesome ends, so there’s no telling what could happen to Crystal, especially since Lindsay has said that Crystal isn’t a were-panther (a what?!) in the series as she is in the book. In anticipation for the June 13 season three premiere of “True Blood,” here’s a closer look at the woman behind the character.

  1. If you’re fan of Patrick Swayze, then you might recognize Lindsay from A&E’s “The Beast.”
  2. Lindsay has appeared in other TV shows, like “CSI: NY,” “House,” Jerry Bruckheimer’s “Eleventh Hour,” and Showtime’s “Masters of Horror.”
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Flavia1923 said...

She's NOT a were-panther???

Rita said...

I was very sorry to hear that Crystal will
not be a were-panther,i just don't under-
stand the figuring on this one.Will just
have to wait and see.