Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Win a copy of new book "Taste of TrueBlood"

Waiting Sucks as the True Blood marketeers will have it, but you can quench your thirst for more TB with ‘A Taste of True Blood’, a collection of essays on the show from the Smart Pop imprint of Benbella Books, released June 29th.
Taking an in depth look at the series, this book is a must for all afficionados and contains essays from fans and pro-writers alike. A detailed deconstruction of the show’s memorable opening credits will point out some things that may have been delivered directly into your brain through subliminal messaging, you will be invited to weigh the pros and cons of a Shifter boyfriend and everything from religion to class politics to race is covered in these insightful and entertaining essays. There’s even a cameo from End of Show’s content editor Kirsty Walker in her esay ‘True Stud : Jason Stackhouse in Search of Masculinity’.
You can buy ‘A Taste of True Blood’ at Benbella’s website and we are also giving away two copies to readers : simply answer this question (US and Canada only) : What is Eric’s last name?
Answers to contest@endofshow.com , we’ll announce  a winner on June 20th.

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