Tuesday, June 8, 2010

True Blood puts in the limelight: Jace Everett

A TV show about vampires brought Jace Everett's song back from the dead. Bad Things wasn't even a single back in 2006 when Everett released his self-titled debut. Instead, the major label he'd signed with was pushing That's the Kind of Love I'm In, a more radio-friendly song for contemporary country radio stations. That song made a little headway, but Everett's run in the big leagues was short-lived. Then TV producer Alan Ball found Bad Things on iTunes.
Now the song is a part of one of the most stylish intros for any active TV show, that of HBO's True Blood. Everett's growling voice slips through his brazenly carnal song like a predator. It's paired with video clips — mostly of a sexual, religious and/or deathly nature — a consummate marriage of sound and visual.
“It's embarrassingly simple,” Everett says of his (and his song's) sudden fame. “Alan Ball is an iTunes junkie. He discovered the song, and I won the lottery.”