Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Five Things We Want to See in True Blood's Third Season

How HBO's hit vampire show could be even more addictive.

The third season of HBO's True Blood premieres this Sunday, and while we're terribly excited, we also know the outrageous and sometimes ridiculous show has areas it can improve upon. Here are five things we're hoping to see this summer.

Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton in HBO vampire series True Blood

1. Tara Acting Smart: Tara seemed so promising: a devoted best friend of the protagonist whose tumultuous upbringing made her cynical, defensive, and more often than not completely unfamiliar with the concept of self-control. She should be awesome, and in the first few episodes of True Blood, she was, with some cutting lines and an obvious concern for Sookie's well being. But a character can only be the fuck-up so many times — without learning anything — before she starts to seem less "troubled" and more "deeply idiotic." Also (and we could be wrong about this, because we spend most of our time watching TV), aren't best friends supposed to, you know, talk to each other or whatever? We think the last time Tara and Sookie had a conversation on the show it was actually just screaming and someone probably got punched. Tara spent the second season dealing with the fallout from the first by spiraling further and further out of control, and we're worried she'll simply do the same this time around. Let's hope Tara will become a more fully fleshed-out character who engages in actual human interactions.

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