Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More True Blood/ Vampire books :Interview With a Philosopher: On The Vampire

A few days ago, Stephenie Meyer released her new Twilight related book - Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Next weekend, on Sunday, June 13th, we have the hotly anticipated third season of HBO's True Blood premiering, and just two weeks later, the third Twilight film release, Eclipse, happens. Yesterday, Rebecca Housel's new book on vampires and philosophy hit stores. We're in the midst of a perfect vampire-storm.
Rebecca Housel (at www.RebeccaHousel.com) thinks and writes about vampires and philosophy, day and night - but especially at night - in two recent books from Wiley-Blackwell, Twilight & Philosophy: Vampires, Vegetarians and the Pursuit of Immortality (2009) and True Blood & Philosophy: We Wanna Think Bad Things with You (just out). Housel's Twilight book has been published in seven languages to date, and she's voiced it for Amazon's Audible.com, responding to the current vampire-mania. This of course raises an age-old philosophical question: Why? What's responsible for the sudden huge interest in vampire entertainment? And what are the main attractions for a philosopher? I recently had a chat with Rebecca about it.  read on