Monday, June 27, 2011

Can witches beat vampires? The new season of ‘True Blood’ gets bewitched

TV witches: The funny, the spooky and the uglySomething wicked this way comes with the fourth season of “True Blood,” which premiered on HBO last night. In the season opener, she ventured from Bon Temps to meet her, um, fairy godmother, and it looks like she may be pursuing a romance with Eric, according to costar Stephen Moyer. (Watch a preview above.)
But an equally intriguing storyline has Lafayette flirting with his witch-like characteristics. Season 4, based loosely on Charlaine Harris’ soapy novel “Dead to the World,” brings more witches into the mix, and Sunday's premiere had Lafayette being persuaded by hunky boyfriend Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) to join a coven.
The Cheat Sheet: 'True Blood' Season 4
“I’d say the witches certainly pose the greatest threat to the vampires that we’ve seen yet,” executive producer Alexander Woo told the Hollywood Reporter.

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