Monday, June 27, 2011

True Blood Recap: It’s Sookie O’Clock

The interminable wait is over and the lovable scamps of Bon Temps are back. After a third season full of werewolves, Nazis, and the fabulous Vampire King of Mississippi, True Blood is ready to hit us with the good stuff. Witches! A self-empowered Sookie! Bill and Eric making nice with humans! Hoyt and Jessica, shacking up! Tara's a lesbian named Toni, from Atlanta? A-Ball, you have our interest. Let's do this.
Don't Eat the Light Fruit
In Fairyland, where Sookie popped to in the season finale, every hour is magic hour and everyone's always happy and eating big, glowy peaches that look like they came from Ikea. It’s full of familiar faces. Look, there's Barry, the telepathic bellboy, accompanied by his fairy godfather, who appears to be wearing a macramé blouse. Who’s that, taking a big bite out of a light fruit? It's Sooks's twenty-years-gone Grandaddy — a pleasant surprise.

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