Monday, June 27, 2011

Recaps of Episode 1 and 2 recaps from EW

Back for good (or evil)

 Sookie returns from the fairy realm and learns life has moved on without her

The wait is over, and after all the footage HBO showed us in promos, including the first eight minutes of the season 4 premiere, we still got a few surprises: The biggest and best being that Sookie had been in the fairy realm -- a façade of silk, chiffon, and lace (like pastel week on Dancing With the Stars when every couple is doing the rumba) -- for a year and two weeks. Much has changed.
Like America in every global disaster movie, Sookie was apparently the only one smart enough to figure out that the near-orgasmic “light fruit” being served in the fairy plane was a trap. She tried to warn Barry the Bellboy from season 2, another recent arrival, but he bit into the forbidden fruit before she could stop him. I hope he will be very happy with his fairy godmother Lloyd. I know I would be.

'True Blood' recap: The ties that bind

It sucks to be a Stackhouse right about now

Note: Because the July 3 episode of True Blood is available to HBO GO subscribers now, we are publishing our recap of the episode early.
This is the episode fans of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels -- and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) acting human in True Blood's second season -- have been waiting for: amnesia has struck. But before we start fantasizing that Alan Ball will incorporate a certain shower scene from Harris' Dead to the World into his tale (or was Eric walking in on Sookie post-shower in the season premiere the only homage we'll get?), let's analyze the reality of our situation.

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