Monday, June 27, 2011

Go Ask Dallas : Eric's company AIK- please tell me what that stands for ........

What the hell does AIK stand for ??

AIK.- we know from Portia that "Turns out their address is a PO box in the Caribbean." and "Phone number is
an answering service."

So please tell me what that stands for ........

Could it be ? Probably ...
[Poke -Poke!] Alexander Skarsgard

AIK, Swedish pronunciation: [ˈɑː.i.ˈkɔː] an abbreviation for Allmänna Idrottsklubben, (literally "The General Sports Club" or "The Public Sports Club") is a Swedish football club based at Råsunda stadium in Solna, a municipality in Stockholm County bordering to Stockholm City Centre. The club was formed in 1891 in central Stockholm and the football department was formed in 1896.
League champions in 2009, AIK are currently third in the all-time Allsvenskan table. AIK hold the record for being the Swedish club with most seasons in the top flight. The club qualified for the 1999–2000 UEFA Champions League group stage. The club is affiliated to the Stockholms Fotbollförbund.


Lisa C. Morgan said...

ok...maybe its my inner theorist, but I think I know what the AIK is...

knowing how smart AB and his writers are, I am sure they are having a huge chuckle at the shows fans.
If you google AIK (which I am sure many fans did) the first few pages come up regarding a SWEDISH FOOTBALL TEAM. Coinkydink? I doubt it...

So, not satisfied with that, I dug deeper...

try this on for size:
"Civil and/or military assistance rendered by a nation to foreign forces within its territory during peacetime, crises or emergencies, or war based on agreements mutually concluded between nations. Also called HNS. See also host nation."
here's a link to read:

this is a military type of site. As explained, a host nation support offers help to those in their territory.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Bon Temp, Sookie's home town, within Eric's Area 5? Even if it isn't, Eric sees her as his (lucky gal!) so him offering her support, not a surprise.

Now, let's think about episode 1 and what Eric told Sookie. He bought her house; he offers to help keep her safe should other vampires figure out what she is...hmmm...

he fixes her home, buys her that new microwave, wants an agreement with him... It sounds to me like "assistance in kind" to me!

sure, we all jump on the Swedish footballers, why wouldn't we? Eric/viking/Swedish...but we all know how Ball operates!

as far as the corporation being located in the Caribbean...Eric is a smark guy, why not have a few off shore accounts to protect himself?

Yes, Bill is the new, well, you know...don't want to say in case a reader of this hasn't seen episode 1 yet...but We learned last season about Bill & his initial plans as far as why he was there for Sookie. Yes...he was a soldier too, but not yo the extent, or length of time, that my (ahh...I mean the) beloved Viking has been.

maybe I'm off base. Maybe I am still looking for the second gunman on the grassy knoll, but MY GUT says this is the answer, not a football team!

Can't wait for the show Dallas!! So excited!

Love you Truebies!!

IVV / Lisa (iluvvikingvamps on the wiki)

SheiroQ said...

Alexander Skarsgård's favorite football (soccer) team is Hammarby.

The difference between the two teams (according to

"Hammarby and AIK are two very different clubs. Hammarby are from the southern parts of Stockholm and AIK are from the northern parts. Hammarby supporters are known as friendly and AIK supporters are known as more violent. AIK used to be the club of the establishment and Hammarby the club of the working class."

Alex is a Hammarby fan, but I think they are suggesting that Eric Northman would have been an AIK fan. I have to agree.

/Stina (@SheiroQ on Twitter)

bduhbya said...

Those are interesting and relevant theories posited, but I bet it turns out to be some made up vampire acronym and nothing more complex than that. I put my money on that one. Either way, I am interested to find out and I would't be surprised if it did turn out to be something that complex.