Monday, June 27, 2011

True Blood’s season premiere sneaks up on you from behind

True Blood is back! The first episode of the season started with a bang that rocketed us all to Faerieville. But don't worry, it had us back in time to be sexually assaulted by Eric.
Now, let's break down this episode the best way possible. With the True Blood Pro/Con list.
Pro: Sookie is in faerie land with her protector or Faerie Godmother, and old Sooks has an earful for her. "If your job is to look after me, can I just say you suck?" Yes. Yes you can, Sookie. Not that we would expect anything less from you. Enter a new realm and immediately become a total dickhead and insult this new magical band of people right off the bat. But she is 100% right here. Claudine is the worst Faerie Godmother in the history of Faerie Godmothers. Where was Claudine with the lecture about preventative measure one can take to protect themselves from vampire dirt sex UTIs? Nowhere, that's where.

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