Monday, September 12, 2011

True Blood: In Death There Is A Heavy Peace by Jefwithonef Houston Press

Maybe it's the fact that Gothtopia grew up with no religion, or maybe it's that fact that Gothtopia has spent too many nights with Paul Fredric of Asmodeus X in a weird competition to see who can out-nihilist the other one. Either way, death has never really had any fear for us.
Oh sure, dying sounds like it sucks the calcium deposits right off the Grim Reaper's pelvis. Cancer, car wreck, rhinoceros encounter, they all sound like way too much freakin' ouchie. Death itself, though? No, we're not really scared.

Gary Calamar, who is in charge of True Blood's music and thus also the paycheck we draw from talking about it (Hi, Gary!), knew he needed just the right vibe for the Season 4 finale of True Blood, and he knew that "And When I Die" was the song that he wanted to use.
But which version worked the best? The Laura Nyro version? After all, she wrote it. Peter, Paul & Mary, or perhaps the more famous cover by Blood, Sweat & Tears?

No, in the end Calamar got in touch with The Heavy to record a brand new version that would fully embody the half-trailer park, half Dark Shadows vibe that makes up True Blood.

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Rita said...

So long Jefwith1f till next season have enjoyed your post and love you to.