Monday, September 12, 2011

True Blood Says Fin To Many Characters by Alex Cranz from

Characters Who Exhibited A Lot of Growth This Season

  • LaFayette. From the token black gay guy who swishes in to say something sassy to one of the best written characters on the show. He’s a mess of contradictions and Nelson Ellis makes them all WORK. One of the few characters in all of television with such a wonderfully consistent voice. A fry cook turned medium who could easily anchor his own show.
  • Jesus. From LaFayette’s eye candy to a living breathing character. He was conflicted about his cultural roots and the dark nature of them. He genuinely cared for others–including batshit crazy Marnie. He was gorgeous. He finally confronted his grandfather. Also he and LaFayette shared a deep and abiding love. Unlike some characters Jesus and LaFayette showed us and told us they were in love and we believed them.
  • Tara. She finally stopped being the victim of every bad thing ever–except for when she was Marnie’s evil henchwoman for an episode. She was smart, sassy and clever. Also she was gay and it only felt a little insulting instead of super insulting.
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