Monday, September 12, 2011

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 4, Ep. 12

Oh my God… it’s like this episode was delivered directly to my heart. It’s like Alan Ball and company looked at an X-ray of my desires and said, “Oh, okay. Let’s give Mark everything he wants for the end of the season.” And sure, that’s not what actually happened, but I love this episode no less, no less, no less.
“And When I Die” is a prophetic title since many characters do just that. I’ve been frustrated with the show for weeks because it keeps creating faux-dangerous situations for its lead characters, then rescuing them fifteen seconds later, with no one actually dying or (more importantly) changing. It’s been exhausting.
This week, however, real change visits everyone, and in at least a few cases, real death. I’m not saying I’ve been wanting characters to die, per se, but it’s nice to see the writers commit to the end of several arcs and then suggest how the survivors are going  move on. Rather than getting stuck in the rut of “I died, but then I drank your blood/inhabited your body,” we get some honest-to-god evolution.
Granted, I expect at least one of these deaths to be magically reversed next season, but since so many other changes have been set it motion, I’ll be fine with that. If any of these people survive, then they’ll be returning to a different world.
But let’s get back to the episode:

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Rita said...

I so enjoyed your sucker punch this week
as you got it all right,hated that Jesus is gone but some how i don't think Tara
is dead.Love you Mark see you next summer.