Monday, September 12, 2011

True Blood' recap: The witch is dead and so is... LA Times

Nan Flanagan, Debbie Pelt, Jesus and possibly Tara! The body count for Sunday's Season 4 finale of "True Blood" was high by nearly any measure and certainly full of surprises, like, say the fact that Steve Newlin's back -- and he's a vampire! -- not to mention that Russell Edgington sure seems to have managed to worm his way out of that concrete grave that Bill and Eric had confined him to at the end of last year...
The most heart-wrenching loss, clearly, is that of Jesus (because there's no way that Tara won't pull through, but more on that later). Things began to look not so good for Lafayette's magically inclined boyfriend as soon as the episode opened. He sincerely apologizes to Lafayette for dragging him into a world of magic before he was ready, totally unaware that Marnie's spirit has taken possession of Lafayette and has big plans to use his physical body to continue her vengeance tour through Bon Temps.

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