Monday, September 12, 2011

True Blood’s Season Finale Kills Off All the Right People by Meredith Woerner of

Last night, the season finale for the fourth year of True Blood came and went with a wet fart noise. Some of it was good, but most of it was bad. True Blood can do better than this, which is why we're looking forward to the fifth season.
But let me explain it to you in Pro/Con style.
Pro: Lafayette/Marnie calmly stares at Jesus in completely silence, nothing suspicious here…and stabs Jesus with the fork.
Con: Doo-da-doo, making coffee with Sookie! NOPE! Dead Grandma on the floor.
Con: Tara spent the night at Sookie's house, so now Tara is cool staying in the house with Eric in it? After that fantastic "Fuck you guys!" speech? Way to stick to your guns, Tara. Also, had you stayed at Lafayette's house, Jesus might not have been hand-forked.
Con: Sookie explains how Marnie channeled Gran all those days ago, notes how she took none of her advice. Sookie continues on saying that she "feels like her Gran is here," like really, really here. Which in True Blood foreshadowing language means, "Grams is coming back in about 20 minutes." So yay?
Pro: "What are we magnets for fucking craziness?" Yes. And clearly Sookie is keeping said magnet in her vagina.

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Rita said...

Good pros and cons,i still don't agree
with all of them,but i still love you anyway.See you next year.