Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bill and Sookie 2nd time Bill comes in to Merlotts

[Sookie takes Bill’s hand and the voices fade away]
[Rock music playing on radio]
Sookie: Your hand is cool.
Bill: Yes, uh - - I’m afraid I’m not as warm as the men that you must be accustomed to.
Sookie: What men?
Sookie: What can I get for you tonight?
Bill: What are you?
Sookie: I told you. I’m a waitress.
Bill: No. You’re something more than that. You’re something more than human.
Sookie: I beg your pardon?
Bill: Sookie. That’s an unusual name, Sookie. Is it short for something else?
Sookie: Nope. Just - - just plain Sookie.
Bill: May I call on you sometime?
Sookie: Call on me?
Bill: Uh, may I come and visit with you at your home?