Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sookie and Pam talk about Bill's betrayl with the Queen

Book 7

“I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY.” I unlocked my car and tossed my purse
inside. Then I turned to face Pam, though I was tempted to get in the car and go home.
“We didn’t know,” the vampire said. She walked slowly, so I could see her coming. Sam
had left two lawn chairs out in front of his trailer, set at right angles to the rear of the bar,and I got them out of his yard and set them by the car. Pam took the hint and perched in one while I took the other.
I drew a deep, silent breath. I had wondered ever since I returned from New Orleans if all the vamps in Shreveport had known Bill’s secret purpose in courting me. “I wouldn’t have told you,” Pam said, “even if I had known Bill had been charged with a mission, because…vampires first.” She shrugged. “But I promise you that I didn’t know.”I bobbed my head in acknowledgment, and a little pocket of tension in me finally relaxed.
But I had no idea how to respond.
“I must say, Sookie, that you have caused a tremendous amount of trouble in our area.”Pam didn’t seem perturbed by that; she was just stating a fact. I hardly felt I could apologize. “These days Bill is full of anger, but he doesn’t know who to hate. He feels guilty, and no one likes that. Eric is frustrated that he can’t remember the time he was in hiding at your house, and he doesn’t know what he owes you. He’s angry that the queen has annexed you for her own purposes, through Bill, and thus poached on Eric’s territory, as he sees it. Felicia thinks you are the bogeyman, since so many of the Fangtasia bartender shave died while you were around. Longshadow, Chow.” She smiled. “Oh, and your friend, Charles Twining.”
“None of that was my fault.”
“I don’t see that that makes any difference,” Pam said, her voice curiously gentle. “Now that we know you have fairy blood, thanks to Andre, it would be easy to write all this off.
But I don’t think that’s it, do you? I’ve known many humans descended from the fae, and none of them have been telepathic. I think that’s just you, Sookie. Of course, knowing you have this streak of fairy makes one wonder how you would taste. I certainly enjoyed the sip I got when the maenad maimed you, though that was tainted with her poison. We love fairies, as you know.”
“Love them to death,” I said under my breath, but of course Pam heard.
“Sometimes,” she agreed with a little smile. That Pam.
“So what’s the bottom line here?” I was ready to go home and just be human, all by
myself. “When I say ‘we’ didn’t know about Bill’s agreement with the queen, that includes Eric,” Pam said simply.
I looked down at my feet, struggling to keep my face under control.
“Eric feels especially angry about this,” Pam said. She was picking her words now. “He is angry at Bill because Bill made an agreement with the queen that bypassed Eric. He is angry that he didn’t discern Bill’s plan. He is angry at you because you got under his skin.
He is angry at the queen because she is more devious than he is. Of course, that’s why she’s the queen. Eric will never be a king, unless he can control himself better.”