Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bill tells Sookie that Lorena was the vampire who brought me over..

Book 3

"I have to tell you," he said, almost angrily. He'd seen me twitch. "Give me this chance." After a second, I waved a hand to tell him to continue.
"The reason I went to Jackson when she called me is that I couldn't help myself," he said.
My eyebrows flew up. I'd heard that before. It means, "I have no self-control," or, "It seemed worth it at the time, and I wasn't thinking north of my belt."
"We were lovers long ago. As Eric says he told you, vampire liaisons don't tend to last long, though they're very intense while they are ongoing. However, what Eric did not tell you was that Lorena was the vampire who brought me over."


Sookie: "I *never* did. But even if I had, you know what? It would serve you right you betraying son of a bitch."
Bill: "You're right."
Sookie: "...Eric and Pam and Chow came to tell me you'd been snatched."
Bill: "And they told you...?"
Sookie: "That you were planning on leaving me. Yes. They told me."
Bill: "I already got paid back for that piece of madness."