Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Niall and Sookie discuss if Jason has fae characteristics

Niall and Sookie bk 8

“I want to keep our relationship a secret,” he said. “I am so glad to know you finally, and I want to know you better.” He laid his hand against my cheek. “But I have powerful enemies, and I wouldn’t want them to think of harming you to get at me.”

I nodded. I understood. But it was kind of deflating to have a brand-new relative and be forbidden to talk about him. Niall’s hand left my cheek to drift down to my own hand.
“What about Jason?” I asked. “Are you gonna talk to him, too?”

“Jason,” he said, his face showing distaste. “Somehow the essential spark passed Jason by. I know he is made of the same material as you, but in him the blood has only shown itself in his ability to attract lovers, which after all is not much recommendation. He wouldn’t understand or appreciate our connection.”

Great-grandfather sounded pretty snotty when he said that. I started to say something in Jason’s defense, but then I closed my mouth. I had to admit to my most secret self that Niall was almost certainly right. Jason would be full of demands, and he would talk.