Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We hear more about Eric forcing Bill to tell Sookie the truth

Pam and Sookie
bk 7

I shrugged. “Pam, I’ve been as straight with him as I can be. I think maybe he’s worried about something else. You’re exaggerating my importance in Eric’s scheme of things. If he has any kind of undying love for me, then he’s sure not telling me about it. And I never see him. And he knows about Quinn.”

“He made Bill confess to you, didn’t he?”

“Well, Eric was there,” I said uncertainly. “Do you think Bill would ever have told you if Eric hadn’t commanded him to?”
I’d done my best to forget that night altogether. In the back of my mind, I’d known the strange timing of Bill’s revelation was significant, but I just hadn’t wanted to think about it.

“Why do you think Eric would give a flying fuck what Bill had been ordered to do, much less reveal it to a human woman, if he didn’t have inappropriate feelings for you?”
I’d never put it to myself quite like that. I’d been so ripped up by Bill’s confession—the queen had planted him to seduce me (if necessary) to gain my trust—that I hadn’t thought of why Eric had forced Bill into the position of telling me about the plot.

Eric and Sookie
bk 7

“You don’t know him any more than you really knew Bill.”
That sliced down where it hurt.
“At least I’m pretty damn sure he wasn’t ordered to get me in bed so I’d be a political asset!”
“It’s better that you knew about Bill,” Eric said.
“Yes, it’s better,” I agreed. “That doesn’t mean I enjoyed the process.”
“I knew that would be hard. But I had to make him tell you.”
Eric seemed stumped. I don’t know any other way to put it. He looked away, off into the darkness of the woods. “It wasn’t right,” he said at last.
“True. But maybe you just wanted to be sure I wouldn’t ever love him again?”
“Maybe both things,” he said.