Monday, September 14, 2009

A Few Nagging Questions From Last Night's 'True Blood' Finale

From Newsweek Vox Pop

Last night's sophomore year finale of HBO's True Blood, the summer's most talked about show, did exactly what it was supposed to do. It made me want Season 3 to start next Sunday night. But, it's going to be nine whole months until my beloved vampires, shifters and Bon Temp townies get together for some beer or blood down at Merlotte's, which has to be the coolest bar. Ever. As far as finale's go, Beyond Here Lies Nothin'' did wrap up the season's major story arc in typical gory, campy True Blood fashion. (Bye MaryAnn. It was fun.) But like all good serials, it left me with a few nagging questions, all of which are making my head hurt and my eyes go all crazy black like I'm one of MaryAnn's minions. (Spoilers ahead!)

First, if Sookie is immune to the thrall of MaryAnn, why did Jason's eyes go all black? I mean he and Sookie are brother and sister. Right?

Is Andy going to be able to stay off the sauce? Let's get real. Remembering that you saw your friends and colleagues naked and sex-crazed can be stressful. So is providing a cover story for Jason, who shot Eggs, who I think really wanted to commit suicide-by-cop.

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Rita said...

Well i don't know in the show,but in
the books we all know all Jason has
going for him is the sex and looks
even if he and Sookie are related
and have fairy blood,she got the mag-
ic.The other story lines will have to
wait and see.Sam is going to see Ms.
CH it seems.

" Dallas " said...

Yes, Niall calls it "the essential spark" and Jason does not have it but in TB think we are to assume it was Sookies telepathy that saved her from MA

" Dallas " said...

Ball confirms it "the essential spark " that Jason doesn't have

BALL: They have the same parents. We will find out what Sookie is [next season]. There are such things as dominant and recessive genes. Maybe Jason is fundamentally human but he has a trace of some non-human stuff. He’s kind of a ridiculously perfect [human being]. He’s athletic and has that charisma thing, so maybe he had some help in that regard. [Laughs] Ultimately, if you look at percentages, he’s mostly human. Sookie has a stronger genetic predisposition in another direction. People who have read the books know exactly what I’m talking about. People who haven’t, it will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

This show has become such a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT ! I don't know if I'll be watching next season.

" Dallas " said...

The show is wonderful -I do think the "disappointed " folks should move on and find a show they DO like.

The serial complaining is ruining it for the folks who just love the sookie books and True Blood