Monday, September 14, 2009

Nelsan Ellis talks about 'True Blood's' finale and what's next for Lafayette

As the wild and largely enjoyable second season of HBO's "True Blood" came to a close on Sunday, most of the residents of Bon Temps, La., wanted to put the insanity that had gripped the town behind them.

No one was more interested in sweeping things under the rug than Lafayette Reynolds, the cook at Merlotte's, Bon Temps' favorite watering hole.

Like most of the people in Bon Temps, Lafayette had fallen under the sway of the charismatic Maryann (Michelle Forbes), who was actually a creature known as a maenad.

Over a period of weeks, Maryann had turned more and more townsfolk into her unhinged acolytes, and though Lafayette had held out longer than most, he eventually succumbed.

[Events from "True Blood's" Season 2 finale will be discussed below. If you haven't seen the episode, be forewarned.]

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