Monday, September 14, 2009

True Blood Inspired Wedding

As mentioned in yesterdays post, a few of us Wedding bloggers were asked by Jaime of Its a Jaime Thing to create some True Blood inspired wedding ideas, whether it be the characters of the show getting married, the actors themselves, or anyone wanting a wedding inspired by the vibe of the HBO show True Blood.

I wanted to create a wedding bouquet that a bride marrying a vampire would carry. Since I always design my bouquets for the bride, I started creating the bride in my mind as well, and that started a whole process of imagining the bride, the setting for the ceremony, etc. I love putting together things that aren't normally seen together, so I loved the idea of a human bride marrying her vampire love (as corny as that sounds) and what she would look like just before the ceremony. I imagined this "girl next door," with long blond curls, waiting for her dark (yet pale!) handsome vampire to start their life together, her last evening in the truly human world of daylight, as she enters into a life spent mostly in the evening time.

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