Monday, September 14, 2009

'True Blood' scoop: Denis O'Hare crowned King!

Insert your own fresh meat joke here: Off my just-completed one-on-one with Alan Ball, I’ve learned that True Blood has cast Tony winner Denis O’Hare (Take Me Out) as the king of Mississippi.

The veteran actor’s name may not be a household one, but you’ve for sure seen him. He’s appeared in roughly a million movies (Milk, Duplicity, Quarantine) and pretty much that many TV series, too (most notably a 10-episode run on Brothers & Sisters).

O’Hare joins True Blood as a series regular. He’ll debut early into the show’s third season, slated to air next summer.

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Rita said...

Well already casting and starting
with the king no less.Will be intere-
sting to see who is next.

Emily said...

I like him for this role--he looks exactly how I imagined the King from the books!