Monday, September 14, 2009


Although author Charlaine Harris created a set of indelible characters in her Sookie Stackhouse books, one of the most striking denizens of TRUE BLOOD,Alan Ball’s HBO series adaptation of the novels (which wrapped up its second season run last night), doesn’t appear in the print version at all. Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica, the bratty yet vulnerable teen turned into a vampire by Stephen Moyer’s reluctant Bill last season, continues to be a riveting original. Jessica is Woll’s first role as a series regular, and by her own account, she’s having the time of her life in Part 2 of iF's exclusive interview.
iF: Do you have any specific epiphanies about Jessica that you can point to and say, ‘I suddenly realized …’?

WOLL: Hmm. There was one quite early on. Loneliness was one of the things that hit on me right away [about Jessica]. When I shot the first season, it had been clear to me that this was a very repressed young girl who was now freeing herself and trying to be an individual in a way she hadn’t been allowed to before. But then when they started writing the stuff with Hoyt, I started exploring this relationship with a boy and that love feeling, it occurred to me that this is the first time any man, or woman, or human being, had ever said something to her like, "You, by yourself, are great." Or "I think your smile is beautiful." These words are the first time I was ever being complimented in my life or anyone was accepting me and realizing actually what an incredibly lonely life that must be, so Jessica began for me as sort of this strike for freedom, then became this kind of desire and need for a companion, for love and a relationship, and now – I can’t reveal too much – it’s starting to pick up another little thing for me.

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