Monday, September 14, 2009

MaryAnn and Sam

I think this is really hauntingly beautiful scene


Mary Kay aka BillohBill said...

Dallas, I totally agree with that. Weird but, you actually felt her joy. I want to be a shifter!

Yenta Center said...

Question: If Sam needs to imprint in order to shift... when did he have time to find a HUGE white bull to shift to?

" Dallas " said...

I explained last night that "imprinting" the image of the Brahma bull was part of the plan he and Bill hatched at Merlottes. He has books and internet in his office .
He doesnt have to see the image the second before he shifts he just has to have an imprint of the image.

He didnt have a lion image with him when he shifter a lion in bk 8

Rita said...

I agree Dallas that Sam could look
at a number of pics in books or on
the internet not the has to be done.

Rita said...

Dallas! is there a way to find out
where they got the white bull?

" Dallas " said...

I'm asking for you the other animals have come from Boone's

Rita said...

Thanks Dallas! as it is a beautiful
animal .

Layne said...

I think that is a Brahma steer not a bull.
Though, I mean no disrespect to Sam. *giggle*

" Dallas " said...

I think you might be technically right about steer (being castrted male )
Bulls can be very excitable and probably not easy to train