Monday, September 14, 2009

True Blood Season Finale: Eat Your Heart Out

from NY Magazine

A plot-packed finale wraps up the season, but leaves us in suspense. Things with Maryann come to a dark climax; Sam, Eggs, and Hoyt each have to face their pasts; Jason and Andy’s vigilante act turns deadly; and Sookie looks again at herself — and at her relationship with Bill.

Gospel or Gorilla Shit
The Philosopher Queen rambles on about how Yahtzee is the perfect antidote to a meritocratic culture; the undead have plenty of time, so they’ll be playing to 5 million. She offers some not-very-convincing sympathy to Eric over the death of his maker, and brings up that maenad. She gave Bill some “hand-me-down folklore” but advises Eric not to get involved — and then gossips disapprovingly about Bill’s monogamy with his human. Sookie’s cousin is pleased to hear he’s in love — and the Queen ventures that Eric must be, too. “Have you tasted her? She’s not human,” notes the Queen (But when did she taste Sookie? How much do the vampires know about her?). She’s more interested in how Bill knows she has humans selling vampire blood. Eric rightly says Bill doesn’t know she’s behind his commercial venture — and he promises he’ll take care of Bill Compton. Happily, she drove Eric to that agreement by pouncing and kissing and threatening him. He’s not her type, and she was just trying to get a rise out of him; once his fangs come out, she’s back to Yahtzee.
Bite Count: Nearly one. Tease!

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Rita said...

With the books we know how it turns
out,but with AB you don't ever know.

Sunshine of Mine said...

I am sooooo glad you have a still of this! We saw it and I had been unable to make out everything....just have to say Flippin' Funny!

Sunshine of Mine said...

ooops///my last comment was meant for the post about terries t-shirt, sorry