Monday, September 14, 2009

True Blood Sucker Punch: Episode 12

From Mark Blankenship

Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that Miss Jeanette was lying dead in the back seat of Andy Bellefleur's car, and now Eggs is lying dead next to Andy Bellefleur's car.

But hey... seasons can't go on forever, and "Beyond Here Lies' Nothin'" sends True Blood out in style.

First, I tip my hat to Alexander Woo for writing such satisfying scenes for Queen Sophie-Anne. After her first appearance, I figured I'd be sending her No Thank You cards, but Woo really turned it around.

In this episode, Sophie-Anne is actually invested in what's happening. She's commanding Eric to sell her blood to humans, and she's making a big show of her power over him. Combine that with her casual references to her disdain for every living thing, and she suddenly seems like someone whose immortality has made her a cruel and disinterested god. She's bored by her existence---hence all the board games---so she amuses herself by making the world her plaything.

More to the point, Sophie-Anne is exactly what Godric chastised Lorena for being---a creature who has gotten more petulant with age. But since Sophie-Anne is so powerful, her childishness makes her dangerous, like a howler monkey with a handgun.

I also appreciate that this week's episode suggests last week's Sophie-Anne was a put-on... that all the stuff she told Bill about Maryann was intentionally confusing. If that scene was convoluted on purpose, then it's a lot more interesting.

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thatgirltab said...

this last episode sort of sucked big time

Rita said...

Mark's sucker punch was very good,
but Sam was not a ram he was a bull
and there was not enough of Eric,
i got the feeling that Eric was afraid of SA a bit.The funny part
Jane it seemed to me her finger was
cut off way to long to have been put back on.I love Bill's proposal but
(imo) Bill did this as a way to try
to make sure Eric could not get
Sookie.The abduction and the way it
was played out is to make you think
it was Eric,but it could be Lorene
as all you see is the gloves and
silver chain Ms. CH was wonderful
she was very good.Jess is going to
be in a lot of trouble hope the
story line gets her and hoyt back together.Tara is got to get her self together,Maxine better do a
lot of thinking, Sam trying to find
his real folks is a good story line
and Jason and Andy will be good
next season glad Maryann is gone
but the actress is great.Hope Laf
does not have ptds next i like the
real Laf.

Anonymous said...

I agree Tabatha